D.A.R. Awards
Award - The Mary Desha Medal for Youth - from the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Joey's project
was a
Pentagon 911 Attack Monument in the Lynchburg, Virginia area.  To receive the award, Joey
traveled from Virginia to the D.A.R. Arkansas State Convention in 2006.

Joey, his father
Robert A. Ricketts, and grandfather Robert "Danny" Ricketts all received Arkansas
Traveler Awards.  Both Roberts received national awards for historical preservation as a result of their
excavation of the 200-year-old
Beavers' Mill in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Danny Ricketts also received
a second national history award to recognize that he has "significantly advanced the understanding of our
nation's past."

Part of the awards were presented at a Hot Springs Village, Arkansas D.A.R. meeting.  The Arkansas
Traveler awards and Joey's Founder's Metal were awarded at the Arkansas State Convention.  Both
meetings were in 2006.
D.A.R. President Sheila Beatty
Robert "Danny" Ricketts and grandson Joey
Ricketts holding D.A.R. awards
Hot Springs President Sheila Beatty, Danny Ricketts, and his niece Sylvia Matthews.
Sylvia was instrumental in all the Ricketts guys receiving the D.A.R. awards.  
Joey Ricketts with some of the pretty Pages at the D.A.R. Convention
Robert A. Ricketts gave a power-point slide presentation for the Hot Springs Village D.A.R. meeting. Two of
the D.A.R. awards were for historical preservation in connection with this mill excavation.
Joey Ricketts with the "Patriots" at the Arkansas State Convention
of the Daughters of the American Revolution