One day after we had been married many
years, Danny and I were talking about Bible
verses and we discovered that we both had
the same favorite verse.  The verse above -
Proverbs 3:5-6 - was on a sign over Danny's
childhood Sunday School room door.  I don't
remember exactly when it became my favorite
verse. Was it during the Troubled Teens, the
Stressed Twenties, or the Spiritual Discovery
Thirties?  I'm not sure.

The only way we do anything for the Lord is
by trusting Him with all our hearts to help us
and direct us.  We found out long ago that
our human understanding and ability is indeed
limited.  That's true about everybody. So we
have given God and His Word (the Bible) first
place in our lives.  Guess what?  He does
direct our paths.  Not always as fast as we
want.  We humans always want to know
things way in advance, but God lets us know
what we need to know when we need to
know it. Sometimes it seems that the way is
so dark that I cannot see my feet (spiritually
of course), but I know He is directing my
way. I take a step in faith, and another step
in faith, totally trusting in my Lord.  He
always makes things work out when I put all
my faith in Him.  

- Nancye Ricketts

We wrote the following within days after the September 11, 2001 tragedies in the United States, but these
words as still true today:

We are truly saddened about the attacks on our nation.

Please join us in praying for the wounded and their families, and for the families of those whose very lives have
been stolen from them in this terrible act of cruelty and hatred against our country and our people.

Also - let us remember to pray for President Bush that he will have the wisdom of Solomon, the fearlessness of
Daniel, the clear thinking and total commitment of Paul - and, as King David, that President Bush will have a heart
closely attuned to the Heart of God - that he will be "a man after God's own heart."

There is HOPE in Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter the circumstance. There is PEACE in the middle of great turmoil.
When everyone around you is distraught and fearful, you can have PEACE and even JOY. We know our God is
greater than any enemy. We are not moved by circumstances. We had FAITH in God before this war was waged
on us, and that FAITH becomes stronger when the forces of evil come against us.

There is a saying that is especially appropriate at this time:

  I cannot be defeated and I will not quit!!

Don't quit believing God. He is as good as His Word. And His Word is Life itself. The Words of the Bible are Living,
God-breathed Words. He has promised to take care of His children. He has not changed His mind.

Note:  Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin, head of Rhema Bible Training Center and Pastor of Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma, has a book entitled
I Cannot Be Defeated and I Will Not Quit!  

Upray.org - Pray for the Troops
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own under standing. In all thy ways
acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths.”  Proverbs 3:5-6
Have you been born again?  Have you been saved?  Two terms (born again and saved)
that mean the same thing. What they mean is the most important decision and experience any
person can have - it means the difference between Heaven and Hell. We are all going to live forever
somewhere. I prefer Heaven.  

Salvation is not just fire insurance or an eternal retirement plan. Salvation brings eternal life and that
eternal life starts right at the time of salvation.  God has provided many things for us.  Through the
death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all mankind has been redeemed from the curse of the
Law. That curse includes sickness/disease, poverty and worst of all - spiritual and eternal death; that
is, an eternity separated from a loving God; an eternity in Hell.  But - Jesus redeemed us from all of
that horror. It doesn't just fall on us though. We have to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and
Savior - then we have eternal life in God's family - and we can receive healing and an overflowing
supply of everything we need - by faith in Jesus Christ.  A beer commercial says "Get all the gusto
you can get!"  I say "Get all the blessings from God you can get!"  

If you want to receive the salvation Jesus has provided, click on the Salvation Prayer link above.

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Robert "Danny" Ricketts and Nancye Ricketts
in Nagpur, India in 2000.