Downtown Danville, Virginia
The Masonic Temple, which was replaced in the 1920s by the
present Masonic Building located at the corner of Main Street
and Union Street. H. W. Cole Apothecary was located on the
first floor at left. He was a Civil War doctor, later a pharmacist,
and one of the founders of Riverside Cotton Mills.
Old Court House and Fire Department built in 1873 in Danville, Virginia. It was torn down so
that the new Municipal Building could be constructed in 1927.
The old Burton Hotel at the corner of Main Street and UnionStreet,
where Downtowner is now located. Earlier, the Arlington Hotel was located on this lot.
Early sketch of Danville
Danville, Virginia Main Street circa 1930
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Please Note:  Geographically, Danville is in southern Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
However, in Virginia the cities and counties are separate political entities.
near Henry County). Bottle on left is embossed
"H. W. Cole Apothecary, Danville, Va".
Bottle on right is "Warner's Safe Cure".