Danville, Virginia
COTTON MILLS in Danville, Virginia
This photo shows cotton mills - Dan River Mills - on both sides
of the Dan River in Danville, Virginia.
Long known as a cotton mill town, Danville now has other factories and businesses providing jobs for its
residents. Started in 1882, Riverside Cotton Mills (also known as Dan River Mills or Dan River Inc.) was
recently sold to an Indian company and most of its local employees lost their jobs. The future of the white
cotton mill (#8 mill built in 1920) shown in both pictures and other mill buildings around town is uncertain.
The mill buildings in the Schoolfield section of the city are being removed. The long mill on the other side
of the river (in the picture above) began with #2 mill in 1887 and had many additions along the river bank.  
It is currently being demolished by order of the City. The long covered bridge connecting the mills on both
sides of the river is said to be the largest covered bridge in the state of Virginia.
This is inside the Riverside Cotton Mills in 1919. Water turbines furnished mechanical
power. These belts drove the looms from overhead.  Mill #2 had three water turbines
underneath the building and a race from the Morotock Dam built in the 1880s
No. 8 cotton mill  - Danvillians who have been out of town awhile often say
how glad they were to see the "Home of Dan River Fabrics" sign as they
drove into town on US 58 from the east.