From the Pen of  Sylvia Lynch Matthews
Her voracious appetite for history and genealogy research
are clear indications of Sylvia's family ties to her Uncle
Danny Ricketts.  Born just two years apart, they grew up
A very active member of the Daughters of the American
Revolution, Sylvia has won D.A.R. awards for her writing.

We are grateful to Sylvia for allowing us to use her work on
this website.
My Hero, My Dad         
This story is about Sylvia's father James Lynch in WWII;
it won First Place for the State of Arkansas and First the
American Revolution.
same point and end at the same point. We are equal at
the beginning and equal at the end. The great question
is what happens after the end. What is this journey for?
Sylvia's second child Jo Michelle was diagnosed as
mentally retarded at the age of five. Sylvia writes "I
would never have guessed what an influence this tiny
baby girl would make on my life as well as the lives of
everyone in the family."
Sylvia wrote this piece after doing research on her
great, great grandfather in Salt Lake City. It won first
place for the State of Arkansas in Free Form Poetry for
American Heritage (Daughters of the American
This poem is about Sylvia's daughters, Nanci and Jo
Michelle.  "One went on to college, the other was left
behind."  She wished for Jo to become "normal."
Thought on the  wonderful experience in 2004 at the
Washington, D.C.
This is a short story about Sheila, the DAR Regent who
is so very sensitive about the U. S. Flag that she is
called the Flag Police.