1.  Emma Estrice (?) Pruett was born about
1866 and died April 25, 1899. She married
Newton Jasper  Blick on Oct. 25, 1894. They had
one child: Emma Eatrice "Trixie" Blick (1899-
1983) who was raised by an aunt after her
mother died a short time after giving birth.

2.  William Taylor "Willie" Pruett was born Nov.
25, 1868 and died Dec. 7, 1949. He married
Mattie Olivia Hudson (1873-1951) on April 8,
1894 and they lived mostly in Emporia, Virginia,
where Willie worked for the Southern Railway and
later as a carpenter.
They had eleven children:         
  1. Laura Jane Pruett Collins (1895-1924)  
  2. Elizabeth Olivia Pruett (1898-1969)
  3. William Otha Pruett (b.1900)
  4. Reginald Mahood Pruett (1902-1997)
  5. Lee Murphy Pruett (1904-1976)
  6. Virginia Dare Pruett Collins (1906-1962)
  7. Charles Wesley Pruett (1908-1984)
  8. Jack Roland Pruett (1910-1990)
  9. Woodrow Wilson Pruett (1912-1995)
  10. Heywood Cato Pruett (1913-1994)
  11. Garland Douglas Pruett (1916-1989).
Nathaniel Pruett & Laura (Driskill) Pruett
Above: Tintype 1893 Pruett Sisters: Emma (age 27, in black), others are
probably (l to r) Ethel (5), Annie (13), and Beatrice (3). The other sisters, Ida
and Mary, had probably already married. Emma, who was the oldest child,
did not marry until 1894.
Nathaniel Pruett was born July 25, 1837 and died in April 25, 1900.  He was the son of William C. Pruett and
Frances (Epperson) Pruett.  On December 30, 1864, Nathaniel married Laura Lavelette Driskill, who was born Feb.
12, 1848, the daughter of William and Sallie Driskill of Drakes Branch, Virginia.  Laura died in 1933.  Nathaniel and
Laura Pruett had nine children:
Willie Pruett and his wife, Mattie (above)

Nathaniel Pruett (right)

Willie Pruett Family (below)
4.  Ida "Beauty" Pruett was born about 1875.  She
married a Mr. Slagle, who operated a foundry in
Cherryville, NC (near Charlotte). In the 1910 Census,
Ida was the head of household. She also married John
A. Cain who born about 1865.  He was a railroad worker.
She had four children; three were living in 1910:
a. Annie Mae Slagle was born in 1895 and  married       
London Campbell (b.1898). In the 1930 Census, Annie
Mae lived with her mother and it appears they were both
widows. Annie Mae ran a warper in the cotton mill.
b. Blanch Slagle was born in 1891 and died young.
c. Ella Slagle was born in 1901 and she was
confined to a wheelchair.
Above:  Ida (Pruett) Slagle's daughter Annie Mae
Campbell, unknown woman, Ethel (Pruett) Hardister,
Idella (Ricketts) Lynch, unknown man - What is under
that cover?
Above:  Jim & Mary (Pruett) Petty and their first three children: Otis, Beany, and Gus.
5.  David F. Pruett was born September 1877 and died
July 15, 1901.

6.  Annie Brooks Pruett, my maternal grandmother, was
born September 30, 1880 and died July 15, 1969.  She
married Mark Daniel "Dan" Jones in 1901.  For more
information on family of Dan & Annie, see
their page.
Also more info at this page bottom. They had seven
  1. Annie Marie Jones (1903-1978) married Reuben
    Ricketts and had five children.
  2. Helen K. Jones (1906-1911)
  3. Mozelle Lee Jones (died an infant 1911)
  4. Florence Jones (1913-2007) married Alvin
    Hutcherson; later married Clarence "Rig"
    Reynolds and they had two children.
  5. Carl Jones (1916-1998) married Mary Elizabeth
    Smith and they had two children.
  6. Katie Jones (b.1919) married Lafayette McKinney
    and they had four children.
  7. Austin E. Jones (b. 1921) married Janie Hurrell
    and they had four children.

7.  John N. Pruett was born in August 1884. He
married Sallie Darnelle. They had several children who
died as infants. John died August 8, 1950.

8.  Ethel Pruett was born in September 1888.  She
married Coy Hardister, a WWI veteran.

9.  Beatrice Pruett was born in May 1890 and died
October 13, 1895 (see her picture at 3 years old - near
top of page).

.....  Danny Ricketts (August 2007)
Above: Dan Jones & Annie (Pruett) Jones
Above: Ethel (Pruett) Hardister
Above: Mary (Pruett) Petty, mother Laura (Driskill) Pruett,
and Ethel (Pruett) Hardister

Left:  Laura (Driskill) Pruett

Below:  Annie (Pruett) Jones and Ethel (Pruett) Hardister
Annie (Pruett) Jones, Ethel (Pruett) Hardister, and
Annie's daughter Marie (Jones) Ricketts - 1966.
children include:
  1. Gus Hughes Petty (b.1897) was assistant postmaster in Danville, Virginia.
  2. James Otis Petty (born in 1899) was an executive in public relations for Dan River Mills.
  3. Beatrice "Beany" Petty Jarrett married Jesse Jarrett, who founded Jarrett Welding Company in Danville.
  4. Jessie Petty Jones
  5. Forest Nathaniel Petty (b.c1910) was an executive for Dan River Mills.
Ida "Beauty" Pruett
Nathaniel Pruett's Smith & Wesson Revolver,
which was inherited by his oldest son Willie. Nathaniel
carried the gun during the Civil War.
For more pictures ....see
the Slideshow
The Legacy of Reuben & Marie
Pruett Brothers & Sisters (L to R) Ida Cain, Willie Pruett, Mary Petty,
Annie Jones, John Pruett, and Ethel Hardister. This picture might have
been taken when their mother Laura Pruett died in 1933.
If you are a descendant of Nathaniel &
Laura Pruett, and you would like your
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Mary (Pruett) Petty
1864 during the War in Caswell Co., North Carolina. The next spring, he was back with the Confederate
army with Gen. Robert D. Lee at Appomattox when the army surrendered.

Their daughter, my grandmother Annie Brooks Pruett (1880-1969) was born on the Pruett farm just the
other side of Sutherlin in Halifax County, Virginia.  Nathaniel lived near his father William Pruett until he
moved to Danville, Virginia.  

I grew up next door to Annie and her husband Dan Jones. She told me many times about moving from
the Birch Creek district of Halifax County, Virginia in 1888. She was only eight years old, but she
remembered the electric lights of Danville when they came down the old Halifax Road to Danville just
after dark that year. She had never seen electric lights and it was a "wonderful sight." Danville had one
of the first municipal electric operations in the country which started in 1886. In 1899, the year before he
died, Nat Pruett was a watchman at the Farmers' Warehouse on Union Street in Danville. He and Laura
are buried in Greenhill Cemetery in Danville.

About the same time, in 1889, my grandfather Mark Daniel “Dan” Jones came to Danville.  Both families
came for work in the expanding Riverside Cotton Mills which began operation in 1883.  Both Annie and
Dan worked in the mills and lived nearby.  They married on September 1, 1901.  The young couple was
living with Annie’s widowed mother Laura on November 27, 1903, when the famous fast mail train
number 97 wrecked nearby.  The house was at 501 Middle Street in North Danville.  Dan and Annie
were taking a nap on Sunday afternoon when they heard the loud whistle of engine number 1102.  Dan
told Annie that something was wrong.  He stepped out of a low window and ran toward the tracks a few
blocks away.  He said that he was crossing Claiborne Street when he heard the crash and saw the dust
and smoke rise up from the trestle.  Dan was the third person to get to the scene where eleven of the
crew and postal workers were killed.  He often told how the skin rolled off the bones of the scalded
victims.  Dan bought two photographs mounted on cardboard which were kept in the old trunk.  One
shows 23-year old Dan next to the sheriff at the wreck scene.  

On November 12, 1903, shortly after the wreck, my mother Annie Marie Jones, Mark and Annie’s first
child was born.  The next spring they bought a 35-acre farm on Westover Drive just above the present
Orthodox Jewish Cemetery.  In 1908, they bought four lots with a house just outside the town of
Danville.  The house, located on the corner of Washington and Valley Street (now Aspen St.), was just
about a hundred yards from the town line at Sixth Street.  

Our mother, Marie Jones, was only five when they moved to Washington Street.  In 1911, two of her
younger sisters died within a few months of each other.  Marie thought that she might die too.  It was a
frightening experience for an eight year old.  Marie went to school at the Alonzo Allen School on Third
Ave.  We have her near perfect report card for the year 1917.  In 1914, Third Avenue Christian Church
began meetings in the Allen School, just down the street from the present church.  The school board of
Pittsylvania County allowed them to meet there until they could build a church.  Her brothers and sisters
attended not so far away Astor School near Rocklawn Avenue.  This school was named for Lady Astor,
the first women in English parliament, who was born in Danville.  

In 1927, there were only Helen Idella Ricketts (b Jan. 26, 1924) and Marion Garnett Ricketts (b Feb 10,
1926 d Dec. 15, 2006), when Reuben and Marie had Boyd C. Sides build a house on a lot next to our
grandparents.  Later that year, on Dec. 20. 1927, Ray Eugene Ricketts was born and on June 20, 1930
Mary Elaine Ricketts was born.  The city annexed these houses in 1933.

On January 3, 1939, the family moved to a three-room log cabin in Blairs where Grandpa Jones and
Reuben jointly bought.  The four children were surprised that afternoon when they came from school.  
All their stuff was packed up and they went to the country.  There in the cabin, Robert D. “Danny”
Ricketts was born on January 13, 1941.  The teen-aged girls were not happy about giving up running
water and an inside bath room.  Idella managed to stay with her grandparents and work at Woolworths
downtown during the war.  She found a husband in James Lee Lynch and they married in 1942 before
he left for Europe to fight.  On February 28, 1943, their daughter Sylvia Lee Lynch was born while her
dad was at the Bulge or somewhere in France, Belgium or Germany.  He has a bronze star, Purple Heart
and such evidences of being a hero.