1.  Annie Marie Jones was born November 12,
1903 and died Dec. 30, 1978.  She married
Reuben Edward Ricketts on Dec. 23, 1922.  
Reuben was born August 8, 1901 and died July 27,
1957. He was the son of Charlie Edward Ricketts
and Lucy (Mills) Ricketts.  For more information on
the family of Reuben and Marie (my family), see

their page
. Reuben and Marie had five children:  
Idella Ricketts Lynch, Marion Ricketts Lewis Cook,
Ray E. Ricketts, Elaine Ricketts Gibson, and Robert
D. "Danny" Ricketts.

2.  Helen K. Jones was born July 8, 1906. She
died of a childhood disease on July 13, 1911 and is
buried in Leemont Cemetery, Danville, Virginia.

3.  Mozelle Lee Jones was born in March 1911
and died of a childhood disease on October 31,
1911. She is buried in Leemont Cemetery, Danville,
Virginia.  When Mozelle died, she was the second
child Dan and Annie lost that year, and an
anonymous friend put a poem in the newspaper, to
comfort the parents - (see poem at right):
Mark Daniel "Dan" Jones & Annie (Pruett) Jones
Mark Daniel "Dan" Jones was born in 1878, the son of John Ellis Jones and  Martha (Barber) Jones.   In 1901
he married
Annie Brooks Pruett, the daughter of  Nathaniel Pruett and Laura (Driskill) Pruett.  Annie was born
September 30, 1880 and died July 15, 1969.  Dan Jones died in 1946. Dan and Annie Jones had seven children:
The dear little hands - I miss them so
All through the day, wher'er I go
All through the night, how lonely it seems
For no little hands wakes me out of my dreams
I miss them all through the weary hours -
Day-time or night, wher'er I go -
The dear little hands - I miss them so.

At Left:  Katie and Florence Jones
4.  Florence Watkins "Tiny" Jones was born Dec.
15, 1913 and died April 5, 2007. She first married Alvin
Hutcherson in 1929; later divorced. Florence then married
Clarence Napoleon "Rig" Reynolds (1907-1974) on June
8, 1942 and they had two children: Mark Rigney Reynolds
and Frederick Brooks Reynolds.
Florence and her dad Dan Jones
Rig Reynolds with sons Mark and Freddy, and cousin Kay McKinney
(top) Granny Annie Jones with Mark Reynolds,
and (above) Granny Jones with Freddy Reynolds.
Above:  Katie McKinney, Annie Jones, Mary Jones (Carl's wife), and Florence Reynolds with the Crosley convertible that
Katie & Florence bought while their husbands were in the Army (WWII). I remember when the war ended, the girls
stuffed old cloths to make a dummy like Hitler and strapped it on the back of the Crosley. We rode around downtown
blowing the horn and celebrating the victory. Mary's husband Carl was also in the war.
5.  Carl Daniel Jones was born May
married Mary Elizabeth Smith and they
had two children:  Mary Eleanor Jones
and Betsy Jones.
Above: Toddler Carl Jones                          Right:  Carl Jones at the Well
ABOVE:  Carl's wife, Mary Elizabeth
(Smith) Jones

LEFT:  Carl Jones in the Army during
World War II
Carl Jones standing on the front walk of his parents' home at the corner
of Washington Street and Aspen Street, Danville, Virginia - Easter Sunday 1942
(Left) Annie Jones stands in front of her son Carl's grocery
store near their home on Washington Street in Danville,
Virginia.  Later, he was a plumber and lived in Durham, NC.
Jones and Betsy Jones, the children of Carl & Mary Jones. Don't
drop-kick the baby duck, Danny! But it's so-o-o tempting!
For more children of Dan & Annie Jones and lots
more pictures, please click on the link below.

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Kay McKinney, Mary Eleanor
Jones, Betsy Jones
Carl Jones