Sentinel 1940s Stonewall Elementary School Newspaper

          Stonewall Jackson Elementary School was on the corner of North Main Street and Bradley Road before it was torn down a few year ago.  The school opened in 1915, when the Danville and Pittsylvania County line was just beyond a few hundred yards.  Jim Clark gave me this photograph of the opening ceremony.  Mayor Harry Wooding was one of the dignitaries.  Sam Sparks, Nancy Newman’s dad, remembered marching from Bellevue Elementry on that day in 1915.

Opening Day – 1915 – Stonewall Jackson Elementary School – North Main Street  

A few years later, I came along.  I began the first grade in September of 1947.  I saved two of the school newspapers; maybe because my name is in both issues:

I was brief, as usual, with three words: “For our schools.”  I seemed to have appreciated them less as time went on, but I finally got through all twelve grades and graduated in 1960 from George Washington High School.  I have another issue from 1949 when I was in Miss Ferrell’s third grade class, with what I think was my first poetry at age eight:

Danny’s writing and coloring in 1949, at age 8.

Other poets in the class are Mildred Yeatts (my next door neighbor for a while), Neil Griffith, Jean Hubbard, Louellen Owen, and Harrell Mann. 

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