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Tourists From Out West Murdered at Virginia Party; Strange Smoke Involved.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

          What appears to be a modern drug-induced crime in this headline, actually happened 338 years ago.  The witness was the first European to enter what is now Campbell and Pittsylvania Counties.  The frightened witness to the event thought he was in Carolina.   There will be more about this incident later in this article.           
          I stumbled on the site of the village where I believe the killing occurred in 1966.  Most of the Native American artifacts shown here were found at this site.  The first Virginians were Native Americans who were named Indians by Europeans who thought they we in India when they sailed here about 400 years ago.  It is not clear or agreed upon by experts when Virginia was settled by humans, where they came from or when they arrived. 
          The first artifact that I found was from our family farm in the Blairs community of Pittsylvania where I was born.  Although the point is missing, it is very large and an unusual find from this area.  The width is about two inches and what remains is almost four inches long.
                                          Large spearpoint 2″ x 4″ from Blairs, Pittsylvania Co.

There are some who believe that Native Americans were here as many at 10,000-15,000 years ago, but everything in that area is a guess, as far as I am concerned.  Because they wee here for so long, you might find a random arrowhead on any plot of ground in Virginia.  Once when carrying mail, I spotted a nice point in a bank next to a city street.  My son Bobby found a white quartz arrowhead in a little branch near Colquhoun Street in Danville.
          Most of my collection which is shown here was collected after I returned to Danville in January 1965 and when I married in 1968.
          One day, I found several nice Palmer points just across the line in North Carolina at the top of a hill near the site of Dix Ferry, which is just down Dan River from Danville.  The arrowheads were in the small rocks of a drainage ditch and found just a few feet from each other.  

                                              Palmer Point, Hogan’s Creek N.C. 

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