Hello world!

This is Danny Ricketts.  Collector of everything, keeper of not as much as I once did.  Nancye says that I have an acquisition complex.  Usually, after I have had something for a while, I’m ready to part with it; with a few exceptions, one being my wife Nancye. 

Nancye and I have been married for over 40 years now. Back in 1968, she was too young to be married in Virginia, so I took her to North Carolina for the wedding. Rev. Dan Jones (same name as my grandfather) married us in Reidsville.  

Here she is the next day.  Teenager, Nancye Barbour Ricketts, in Washington, D.C.
 Nancye in 1968 at DC


















Below is the same lady 40 years later:

Nancye 2008


















 A lot of the stuff we collected has been turned over to our children. We all have to realize that most everything else is temporary.

I seem to turn up more than enough interesting facts, maps, pictures and stuff about local history. I am Danville, Virginia’s poster child, so to speak. Thanks for taking a look.


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